Typically, in a car accident deposition, you will be asked the following regarding the car crash.

  1. The date, time, day of the week, and location of the car accident.
  2. Where were you coming from, or where were you headed when the car accident happened?
  3. Were any traffic lights, stop signs, lane markings, or other signs, etc. involved where the car accident happened?
  4. What were the weather conditions that day?
  5. What were the traffic conditions that day? Heavy traffic? Light? Construction?

Be prepared to detail what each driver did during the accident. If you are unsure about the answer, you should simply say that you don’t know. Under no circumstances should you guess.

Specifically, in a car accident deposition, you will be asked about time and distance, such as:

  • What speed were you going to?
  • Approximately how fast was the other vehicle(s) going?
  • How far were you from the other car when you first noticed it?
  • What areas of the vehicles collided? Driver’s side or the passenger side? Or fender?
  • Were there other cars on the road? If so, where were they?
  • Where on the road did the vehicles collide?
  1. Did you talk to the other driver involved in the accident? If yes, what did you talk about? Did you admit that you were at fault for the accident, or did the other driver admit that he/she was at fault??
  2. Do you recall what happened to your body when you collided with the other vehicle? Did any of your body parts hit the vehicle or dashboard?
  3. What damage did your car experience? Did you have to get it repaired? If so, how much did the repairs cost?  Who performed the repairs?
  4. After your car was hit, what happened to it?
  5. Were there any witnesses to the accident? Was anyone called to the scene of the accident?
  6. Do you have a diagram or photo of the accident? You may be asked to draw an illustration or diagram of some sort of accident.
  7. Had you had any alcoholic drinks 24 hours before the accident?
  8. Was a police report generated for your car accident? Was any other type of report generated?


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What To Expect at a Car Accident Deposition – Third in a Series

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