Divorce may be the harshest experience, and maybe the most expensive experience, you have ever been through.  Before going down the path of the next series of articles about Getting a Divorce in Florida, the First question that requires absolute clarity is, “Are you absolutely certain?”

Before you find a way to end your marriage, have you explored potential approaches to resurrect it. Have you considered a marriage counselor, a pastor or rabbi, or another expert? Numerous social and religious groups offer martial services, some very inexpensively, some even free.

Your family law attorney may recommend you to somebody who can direct you individually, or along with your partner.

Divorce typically requires a great deal of resolve. Often, divorce is the only appropriate route forward, and having tried all the traditional resources to mend your relationship, may in fact either mend your relationship, or may steel your resolve so that you are able to move ahead with certainty.

We look forward to chatting with you on next week’s installment on the Divorce Process in Florida.

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