Paralegal Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Paralegal, assists lawyers in preparing and organizing various legal documents for upcoming cases and trials. They regularly meet with attorneys, clients, or other legal professionals to gather helpful details about upcoming court cases.  Their main duties include preparing affidavits and correspondence, discussing case details with attorneys and clients, and organizing different files for different legal proceedings.

Paralegal duties and responsibilities

  • Summarizing cases and preparing reports for attorneys
  • Conducting research, investigating facts, and developing legal arguments
  • Drafting legal documents such as parenting plans, marital settlement agreements, emergency motions, and various pleadings
  • Preparing and filing documents with courts
  • Organizing and archiving the documents related to completed and ongoing cases
  • Keeping track of changes in legal framework and providing timely updates on these changes

Paralegal skills and qualifications

  • Certification or associate’s degree in paralegal studies (bachelor’s degree is preferred).
  • A minimum experience of three years in a family law paralegal role.
  • Investigative mind and strong research skills.
  • Working knowledge legal database software.
  • Experience in preparing legal reports.
  • Excellent communication and time management skills.


Paralegal salary expectations

A Paralegal makes an average of $43,375 per year according to recorded hires on Salary may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location., however Brandon Legal Group is a very competitive law firm, and we compensate accordingly.

Paralegal education and training requirements

Most organizations or law firms require Paralegal candidates to have at least a certification or an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. You may also hire candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any field, but an industry-recognized paralegal certificate is desirable. Most of the Paralegal professionals get their training on the job rather than in a classroom setting. You may consider giving additional training to selected candidates in the specific duties your company’s position entails. Some states may require Paralegals to obtain a license or register with the designated authority.

Paralegal experience requirements

Paralegals must have excellent understanding of legal procedures and terminology. They should have good communication skills and be well-versed in documentation and reporting. Except for entry-level positions, you may want the successful Paralegal candidate to have a minimum of two to three years of experience. Since a Paralegal’s area of operation is quite broad and can consist of many different areas, you should look for a candidate with some experience related to your specific industry. Additionally, experience in office administration is highly helpful for Paralegal positions.

Paralegal Jobs in Hillsborough County FL

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