“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” – Muhammad Ali

This Wednesday the divorce lawyers at Brandon Legal Group have a few words of wisdom from the famous professional boxer Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali (or Cassius Clay) was known for his victories in the boxing ring, but he also turned a few phrases like the one above. We hope this midweek quote acts as a reminder to seize your day in whatever way you see fit.

In the legal field, we see people looking to get a new start with a divorce, especially older couples. The occurrence of gray divorce, or couples over 50 years old who divorce, has increased drastically in more recent years. It appears that the baby boomers are starting to call it quits on marriages that had lasted 20 years or longer. Marriage is supposed to be “till death do you part,” but with increases in life expectancy, death is now a lot further away than it once was. So instead of sitting back miserably and counting the days until death ends their unhappy marriage, many older couples are looking to move forward. if you’ve tried but your marriage is beyond repair, divorce may be a fresh start and a way to make your days count again.