slip and fallThe path of a slip and fall investigation can vary, depending on whether responsibility is a public or a private entity.  A public entity or a private company could be the owner of the property. Public entities such as the state of Florida, Hillsborough County or local cities like Tampa, Sun City Center, Brandon, or any other municipality, have to be placed on notice as per the law. A maximum of 6 months is given to the public entity to investigate, deny or settle your claim. In most instances, claims are denied.

If a private person or company owns the property, our slip and fall lawyers will search at the office of the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser to find out property’s exactly legal owner where the slip and fall occurred. our Personal Injury team will send a notice letter to the owner requesting them to forward the lawyer’s notification letter to the insurance provider.

Another line of investigation might include searching public documents for proof of previous cases in which other people were injured in an exact or similar way. This is often useful evidence that the owner of the property was aware of an unsafe condition but did not do anything to correct it. It will make it easier to demonstrate that the owner of the property violated their responsibility – they broke their pledge.

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