A man’s mistreatment of his mother-in-law can’t be used as grounds for divorce in Wichita, Kansas.

Clearly, divorce in Hillsborough County Florida differs from our friends in Wichita Kansas.   Mother-in-law, and monster-in-law jokes aside, your relationship with your in-laws frequently has at the very least “influence” on your marriage.  During the divorce process there is often questions around can you “trust” the in-laws to act in the best interest of your children, or are they going to automatically take the side of their son or daughter, regardless of what is best for the family.

In-Law rights, and more frequently in-law influences, can play a very real role in your dissolution of marriage proceedings.  Rely on Brandon Legal Group to help you manage the “in-law and out-law” issues around the spouse’s family, and how to deal with them through the divorce process.

It is often asked, are you divorcing your spouse, or their entire family.  Often, hard decisions need to be made.  In-laws can also be unexpected allies and greatly appreciated sources of help, especially in managing the emotional needs of the children, as quickly and easily, in-laws have been known to blindside spouses in testimony, or found to be active participants in encouraging parental alienation.  Every case is different.  There is no blanket advice that works for everyone, especially when it comes to in-laws.  Professional help is invaluable.

Whatever your divorce related legal needs, we encourage you to contact the Brandon Legal Group for an initial consultation.  Your initial consultation is generally without cost to you.


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